IndustryFusion is the top-level open source project addressing open, vendor-independent and interoperable industry networking.

Information about the project

IndustryFusion is the top-level open source project that addresses the open, vendor-independent and interoperable networking of industry. IndustryFusion covers components, machines, materials, personnel and all other areas of a smart factory such as building control and enables deployment in the edge or cloud.

Main focus

  • Standards, protocols and frameworks for the digitalization and networking of Industrie 4.0 assets.
  • Adapter for standardized connection of apps, software and services.
  • Value-added application for both machine manufacturers and factory operators.

Goals & Benefits

Implementation of "SmartFactory@IBN4.0" with different locations, assets, etc.
Definition of capability directories for different categories of assets
Creation of interoperable Industrie 4.0 products by the Schweißen&Schneiden trade fair in 2023
Joint presentation of the innovative strength of the members (e.g. events, press, ...)
Scaling of the system
Trusted data sharing (Gaia-X)

Members of the initiative

News about the Green SmartFactory 4.0

Green SmartFactory 4.0 News Green SmartFactory 4.0: From theory to practice!

The Green SmartFactory 4.0 lighthouse project is making rapid progress: The participating companies have defined basic data on their plants and are now linking these via gateways to the cloud instance of [...].

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Green SmartFactory 4.0 News Full speed ahead into the digital future

Currently, the machine manufacturers involved in the project are working at full speed on the first important milestone...

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Green SmartFactory 4.0 News Start of the Green SmartFactory 4.0 project

From June 2020, the first participants of the Green SmartFactory 4.0 project will start - the common goal: to network assets with the cross-manufacturer networking solution IndustryFusion and, on this basis, to [...]

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