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One year after its founding, the IndustryFusion Foundation will present Release 1.0 of IndustryFusion - a unique solution for cross-vendor networking of plants in an industrial manufacturing environment - at Expo & Conference 2021 on 27 and 28 October at Forum Volksbank in Giessen, Germany

In addition to the presentation of Release 1.0 of the open source networking solution, numerous added values that can be created on the basis of IndustryFusion will be presented in detail. All interested parties are cordially invited to learn more about topics such as "Financing 4.0: Are purchasing and leasing soon to be discontinued models?", "Pay per use - payment is flexible, depending on utilisation!" or "Digitalisation - what are the practical benefits? "With IndustryFusion, we have a solution that will also allow small and medium-sized enterprises to profit from increasing digitalisation in the future," says Igor Mikulina, President of the Board of Trustees of the IndustryFusion Foundation.

While the first day of the event (Expo - Wednesday, 27 October) is explicitly aimed at users who want to raise their production to a new level of efficiency with the help of IndustryFusion, the second day of the event (Conference - Thursday, 28 October) is dedicated to all those who want to actively participate in the IndustryFusion ecosystem in their role as machine and plant manufacturers, component manufacturers or software developers.

The patron of Expo & Conference 2021 is Franz Josef Pschierer (MdL, former Minister of State, Deputy Chairman of the Mittelstandunion Deutschland): "With 'Industry 4.0', Germany has succeeded in establishing a term worldwide that stands for German manufacturing excellence and innovative strength. A broad majority of entrepreneurs in Germany have long since recognised the immense influence that increasing digitalisation is having on the transformation of our world. It now extends to virtually all areas of work - new business models are emerging, others are disappearing altogether. Policymakers cannot and must not close their eyes to these crucial developments." IndustryFusion is an outstanding project that exemplifies how cooperation and open networks lead to new, revolutionary approaches that have the potential to bring about lasting positive change in the world as we know it today.

The event will be hosted by Volksbank Mittelhessen eG at Forum Volksbank in Gießen. The Expo & Conference of the IndustryFusion Foundation is designed as an annual event format in which users, trade audiences and other stakeholders are kept up to date on the latest developments around the IndustryFusion ecosystem. With top-class speakers in attendance, the event offers extensive know-how on the topic as well as a perfect opportunity to network with each other. The Expo & Conference is the successor event to the Manufacturing 4.0 trade congress, which in 2016 gave the go-ahead for the founding of the Industry Business Network 4.0 e.V. - a network of small and medium-sized machinery and plant manufacturers. This manufacturer initiative is a co-founder of the IndustryFusion Foundation and, with the help of the new ecosystem, wants to make the great potentials of the fourth industrial revolution - known under the buzzword "Industry 4.0" - available to as many users as possible.

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