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Your membership supports...

... the further development of the IndustryFusion kernel on an open source basis and thus helps to advance the intelligent networking of European industry!
... the work of the IndustryFusion Foundation - in this application-oriented foundation, machine and component manufacturers, factory operators, software experts, service providers and scientific institutes work together as equals on the implementation of Industry 4.0 using IndustryFusion.
... basic research in the area of networked manufacturing - for example, the IndustryFusion Foundation is cooperating with Fraunhofer IGCV Augsburg on the research project "Management Shell for Energy Flexible Factory Operation (VerEFab)".

Your membership enables...

... it to the foundation to provide travel and mentorship funds to train and attract future contributors to the open source communities around IndustryFusion.
... basic legal work to improve the quality (licensing, export controls, trademark programs, privacy programs, etc.) of our upstream projects that you integrate into your products and solutions.

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General advantages & benefits of membership
Basic eligibility Project IF & the initiatives launched by the Foundation (with costs if applicable).
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6.000 Euro
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All the benefits of Bronze Membership
A seat on the Technology or Ecosystem Council
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12.000 Euro
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All the benefits of Silver Membership
A seat on a management board project IF/initiative
Membership fee
60.000 Euro
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All the advantages of Gold Membership
A dedicated seat on the IFF Foundation Board
Membership fee
300.000 Euro
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For more information on the different categories of membership in the IndustryFusion Foundation, please contact us using the form below.

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