Industry Fusion

IndustryFusion is the top-level open source project addressing the open, vendor-independent and interoperable networking of industry.

Information about the project

IndustryFusion is the top-level open source project that addresses the open, vendor-independent and interoperable networking of industry. IndustryFusion covers components, machines, materials, personnel and all other areas of a smart factory such as building control and enables deployment in the edge or cloud.

Main focus

  • Standards, protocols and frameworks for the digitalization and networking of Industrie 4.0 assets.
  • Adapter for standardized connection of apps, software and services.
  • Added value for both machine manufacturers and factory operators.


Apache 2.0

All information about the project



Open source end-2end connectivity (machine, edge, cloud)
Multiprotocol machine connection
Transparency of all assets and locations of the Smart-Factory
Kubernetes-based approach
"Develop once, deploy everywhere"

work in progress

Digital Twin
Enery, maintenance, OEE dashboards
Rule based applets
Collaborative interaction
App integration
Machine Learning & Analytics
Edge Analytics & Data Processing


Scaling of the system
Trusted data sharing (Gaia-X)
Blockchain & Smart Contracts
5g integration
The IndustryFusion project focuses entirely on the creation and provision of an open-source tool for industry networking.

Members of the project

Management Board Project IndustryFusion


  • Agile project management
  • Regular exchange with all stakeholders involved
  • Development of concrete decision-making bases & budgets (also using the expertise of the advisory councils)
Matt Mikulina
Matt Mikulina
Business Development & UX Lead
Konstantin Kernschmidt
Dr.-Ing. Konstantin Kernschmidt
technical lead
Igor Mikulina
Igor Mikulina
President of the Board of Trustees
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